ALIVE Constitution


1. The name of the society is: Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement Society

2. The purposes of the Association are: To enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural, health and general well-being of Aboriginal people (defined by Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982) within the Vancouver area local neighbourhoods.   

     2.1 Collaborate with mainstream services and institutions to enhance access, participation and develop new opportunities that ensure a reflection of                       aboriginal interests, way of knowing, healing and learning in life within the Vancouver area communities.

     2.2  Provide support and training to ensure where beneficial the active involvement of aboriginal people in decision making processes, and leadership                     positions.

     2.3 Create understanding and awareness of Aboriginal cultures being inclusive and welcoming of non-aboriginal people as part of aboriginal culture activities,         goals and endeavours.

     2.4 Encourage and support the involvement of aboriginal families (children, youth, adults, grandparents) in culture activities; in all aspects of community life;           working in co-operation with the local institutions such as elementary school, social and recreational centers, agencies, childcare, employment, support               programs, housing, homelessness and health resources. 

     2.5 Help to build positive relationships and awareness between Aboriginal peoples and other cultural groups in Vancouver area communities.

     2.6 Create an accessible, visible network for aboriginal people newly arrived to the city.

     2.7 Facilitate access to higher learning in the pursuit of education within and for the aboriginal community

     2.8 Maintain a commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness.