July 16, 2015: MCFD Continues to Endanger Our Children

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    July 16, 2015                 


MCFD Continues to Endanger Our Children

We Need Change now!

How many children have to be damaged or die before the BC government admits that the Ministry of Children and Family Development is irretrievably broken? Once again dangerous practices within the Ministry are being brought to light. And once again, the Ministry is failing to act. Children in British Columbia continue to be placed at risk by the very Ministry legally responsible for their safety.  When are we as adults going to stand up and demand an end to the Ministry’s reckless disregard of the obligation they hold on behalf of citizens of this province to protect our children?

In a blistering judgement from the BC Supreme Court, Judge Paul Walker has concluded that the Director of Child Protection and certain Ministry social workers “acted well outside of their statutory mandate and the duty to protect children”, citing “intentional misconduct, bad faith, reckless disregard for their obligation to protect children, breach of the applicable standard of care to unreasonably supporting the custodial interests of the children’s father even if it meant he sexually abused them.”  

In devastating detail, Judge Walker delineates actions which separated four children from their devoted and determined mother while trying to place them in the permanent care of a sexually abusive father. The mother’s reports of the abuse went uninvestigated while she was officially labelled as mentally unstable. The Director, Supervisor, and social workers omitted and misrepresented facts in a report to Provincial Court. Sexual abuse of the children continued when Ministry staff allowed the father unsupervised access to the children, defying a court order forbidding private access. 

For the past three years, residents and advocates from our community have been pressuring these same bureaucrats and professionals to respond to the needs of local children equally at risk. Their heartbreaking circumstances have been documented and brought to the attention of the Ministry and service providers directly and through the press – youth regularly ending up in emergency wards, some near death — victims of rape, alcohol and drug abuse. A number have considered or even tried suicide; some have succeeded.

We have pleaded with the Ministry to change the policies and practices which are seriously compromising the safety, well-being, and lives of these youth.

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May 1, 2014: The Children of Forgotten Promises

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The Children of Forgotten Promises

For Immediate Release: May 1, 2014

In response to the BC Representative for Children & Youth Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond’s report, “On Their Own”, April 2014, Aboriginal Life In Vancouver Enhancement Society’s president, Ernie Crey, has praised the report as practical and says the report’s recommendations, if adopted, would help restore dignity and choice is supporting B.C.’s most vulnerable youth.”Making a healthy transition into adulthood, from government care, especially for urban Aboriginal youth here in this province’s largest city is something we should all get behind”. “The creation of a Youth Secretariat is long overdue and would help to align youth funding for better outcomes. And being accountable back to youth by using reliable research and measurements for success will benefit all British Columbians, as we support youth in government care”. And Crey believes we all have a responsibility to assist youth with housing, and encourage healthy relationships, educational plans, life skills, enhanced identity, and emotional well-being. He says that actively engaging youth in developing their own plans to independence is essential.

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Aug 4, 2015: MCFD Sidesteps Accountability We Need Action Now!

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August 4, 2015

MCFD Sidesteps Accountability

  We Need Action Now!

Approximately two weeks after Judge Paul Walker issued a blistering judgement citing the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Director of Child Protection and certain Ministry social workers for “intentional misconduct, bad faith, reckless disregard for their obligation to protect children, breach of the applicable standard of care” — and three years after Judge Walker issued an initial judgement in this case — the MCFD Minister, Stephanie Cadiuex, has decided that an investigation is in order.

Ignoring the fact that the province already employs a fully independent, appropriately mandated investigator: BC’s Representative for Children and Youth, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, the Minister has decided to bring back retired bureaucrat Bob Plecas to lead what can only be called a half-hearted attempt to divert attention from their culpability and placate the political firestorm that has arisen from the publication of Judge Walker’s July 14th 2015 judgement.

Revictimizing the Victim

Vancouver Sun reporter Ian Mulgrew has now made public the fact that the Ministry is continuing to harass the family exonerated by Judge Walker – once again interviewing the children and seeking home visits. No Ministry support has been offered to the family and they have been forced in recent months to rely on food banks.

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RISE Leader Bios


A little bit about me- Born and bred in East Vancouver and am very proud of my Cree, Blackfoot French and Scottish heritage. I have 15 years experience in the modeling industry and am privileged to have traveled around the world practicing my profession.

Now residing back in Vancouver where I’m dedicated to working with the Aboriginal community through RISE by connecting through art, fashion, sport and understanding.

Joleen’s Website

More to Come!!

Our Place Graduation Strategy Launch

On March 4, 2015  a public celebration took place at Ray-Cam Community Centre, marking the formal kick-off of the Graduation Strategy. The event enabled key partners to meet the community and the general public, answer questions, and build overall community momentum to create a neighbourhood where children can thrive. Following the Public Forum, the Community was invited to attend a special performance of “Mistatim”, a Red Sky Production, at the Russian Hall.

Our Place is a collaboration of community organizations, residents,  First Nations, and local businesses, including ALIVE.   Based at Ray-Cam Community Centre,  our comprehensive approach starts with pre-natal care and healthy babies, through to early learning opportunities at local child care centres, and on to youth and family supports through the middle years to secondary school graduation. The Graduation Strategy establishes a holistic approach, working with parents to establish a culture of success in the inner-city.  “Peer support for families is an important element of our comprehensive approach” says Marilyn McKee, president of the Ray-Cam Community Cooperative Association

Check out CBC’s  Coverage of the Graduation Strategy Launch:

CBC’s March 4th Edition of On the Coast featuring an Interview with Scott Clark on the Graduation Strategy 


Article: Vancouver Downtown Eastside high school graduation rates under scrutinyCommunity and government organizations joining together to raise graduation rates

Afterwards community members headed to the Russian Hall for dinner and a performance of, Mistatim, a production of Red Sky indigenous theatre, music and dance Company from Toronto 

**Thank you to Dima Alansari for the Photos


Exciting News for Gen 7!

ALIVE’s Gen 7 team has been enjoying a little early holiday cheer! A proposal submitted by ALIVE youths to the United Nations on behalf of the Gen 7 Aboriginal youth leadership program was approved and supported by a United Nations committee.
We are very excited to add the United Nations to our team of supporters which includes the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board, Motivate Canada, Our Place, FNES, and 8 Vancouver Community Centres (Ray Cam, Hastings, Strathcona, Britannia,Trout Lake, Dunbar, Roundhouse,and Mount Pleasant). In addition, we have Ryerson, Queens, and Nippising University working with us on a special national research project concerning Urban Aboriginal engagement in 5 Park Board community centres.

Salish Sea Civilization Recognized in Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver 2013 Series

Above image: First Nations Settlements on the Salish Sea (in yellow) circa. 1792

The Salish Sea Civilization, a plan to celebrate First Nations history and demonstrate the rich cultures that flourished pre-colonization in what is now Vancouver, has recently been recognized by the Georgia Straight as a “Best of Vancouver” idea for city life.

ALIVE has continued to support the Salish Sea Civilization as a project that would celebrate and educate the public about the complex and diverse histories of the first nations peoples that have made Vancouver their home for some 10,000 years, and continue to do so today.

Find previous coverage on this project here and here.

Update on the Inner City Economic Strategy



ALIVE recently organized and took part in the 2013 Inner City Economic Strategy (ICES) meeting with friends, partners and fellow community members. ICES 2013 was a time for sharing and collaboration and provided a community update on key community projects underway. Topics around the theme of sustainable, inclusive economic development included SFU’s 100 communities dialogue on economic development, the DNC Street market and ALIVE’s Salish Sea Civilization among many innovative ideas and projects.

Find full coverage from AHA Media here.


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