“Our Place” place-based strategy

Members of ALIVE, friends and partners recently completed work on a 1 hour television program detailing the work of the Our Place collaborative community building strategy in Vancouver’s inner city. Our Place- Where Change Happens aired this Saturday, August 24 on Shaw Community TV, but you can watch it here. Hands up to Sid Chow Tan, Deb Angrave, Dima Alansari and the team of volunteers who made this happen.


ALIVE is proud to be a part of the “Our Place” strategy working in Vancouver to build healthy communities and ensure residents in all Vancouver neighbourhoods enjoy every opportunity for success. Our Place is a collaborative project involving residents, community-based organizations and service providers dedicated to the goals of creating healthier families and children, and supporting social and economic well-being among vulnerable populations. 

To learn more about the Our Place strategy and initiatives please visit the Our Place website.

Inner City Economic Strategy

“The Inner City Economic Strategy seeks to bring together the residents of the community, with other residents, businesses, service providers and all levels government. The City of Vancouver is committed to working with the community to create a comprehensive economic strategy which seeks to empower the residents of the Downtown Eastside. Unique populations have to be considered, women, Aboriginal, youth, immigrant and the aging population”


Check out AHA Media’s Coverage of the Inner City Economic Strategy Forum that took place on September 22, 2012

ALIVE & GEN7 at the 1st Annual National Aboriginal Physical Activity Conference

GEN 7 Messenger Martina at the National Aboriginal Physical Activity Conference

Members of ALIVE and youth messengers from the GEN7 program recently attended and volunteered at the 1st Annual National Aboriginal Physical Activity Conference, hosted by the Aboriginal Physical Activity and Cultural Circle (APACC). The Conference was held as an opportunity to discuss and share ideas about the promotion of Aboriginal health and well-being through sport, recreation and physical activity. As the nation’s largest conference concerning physical activity in the Aboriginal community, The 1st Annual National Aboriginal Physical Activity and Cultural Circle was a unique opportunity for education and networking.

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ALIVE and partners Launch the Gen7 Aboriginal Youth Role Model Program


February 20th marked the launch of the new Gen 7 Aboriginal Role Model program, a partnership initiative between ALIVE and Motivate Canada, a national youth-driven development organization. The program will be coordinated by ALIVE through 5 local community centres:  Britannia, Ray-Cam, Strathcona, Trout Lake, and Hastings. Gen 7 will provide the youth with training and mentorship to build leadership capacity and develop their skills through sport and physical activity. The program incorporates a place-based approach, as Messengers draw on inspiration from native elders as well as the tools and resources offered by community partners.

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