OUR PLACE Partnership

Our Place (Promoting Local Access and Community Empowerment) is a collaboration of community residents, community-based organizations, and service providers committed to ensuring that Vancouver’s inner residents have every opportunity for success, as well dedicated to the goals of creating healthier families and children, and supporting social and economic well-being among vulnerable populations.

ALIVE is proud to be a part of the, “Our Place” strategy working in Vancouver to build healthy communities and ensure residents in all Vancouver neighbourhoods enjoy every opportunity for success. 

Our place uses a placed-based thinking as a strategic way of looking at how we structure and undertake planning in our communities that acknowledges unique and complex local realities. This approach mobilizes resources and capacity to be responsive to local needs and aspirations.

To learn more about Our Place and the work the community table does check out their website here!

What is place-based?
Place-based means that programs and services are adapted to the inner city. It’s not a, “one size fits all” approach that rarely accommodates the specific socio-economic challenges of Inner city families who are often unable to access mainstream services.  Inner city families often struggle with higher levels of family violence, addiction, and untreated mental health issues. The inner-city is home to many new Canadians who speak multiple languages, but face barriers speaking English navigating complex systems and accessing resources and services. Many First Nations families continue to face racism and suffer from the intergenerational impacts of residential schools.  Place-based programs and services are provided where inner-city children and families naturally gather, e.g. daycares, schools, community centres.