Reconciliation in Action

Reconciliation in Action events demonstrate how community partners working together can move beyond words to make reconciliation a reality.  Hosted by Aboriginal Life In Vancouver Enhancement society (ALIVE) and Community Centre Partners, events held will highlight the work being done by community partners, provide activities for local children and families, and celebrate the place-based work being accomplished in the East Vancouver community.

What is RIA?
On June 2nd, Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission released 94 recommendations on steps to be taken by all levels of government, First Nations, and communities to reconcile the past and close the gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal peoples. From this recommendation, Reconciliation In Action began as an initiative of Our Place and ALIVE, in the Strathcona community, and has now expanded to other Vancouver neighbourhoods through partnerships with local community centres and resident-led groups. ALIVE, Britannia Community Services Centre, the Inner City Safety Society, the Britannia Branch of the Vancouver Public Library, the Vancouver Park Board, RICHER, Ray-Cam Community Association, and OUR PLACE have all signed on as coordinating partners for RIA events, and the longer term initiative, of making reconciliation a reality. More residents and community groups are signing on every day to be part of the coordinating committee and the ongoing efforts to be part of effective change.

Keep an eye out for RIA events being held in the community to participate in a fun day of learning, sharing, and cultural diversity!

Watch this short video explaining a brief RIA history and its importance. Reconciliation in Action from ALIVE on Vimeo.