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Aboriginal Life In Vancouver Enhancement Society

Mission Statement

To enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural, health, and general well-being of Aboriginal people within the Vancouver area local neighbourhoods.

Truth and Reconciliation Policy Matters

Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth need to be involved whenever and wherever committees are planning, creating, researching and evaluating policies that affect them. By means of formal and informal decision-making processes, Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth can be involved in choices that are powerful, meaningful and substantive.

In our work, Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement Society (ALIVE) has an ongoing objective of assisting Indigenous youth to become more acquainted with the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as well as the main themes of the Declaration

What changes do you want to see in Vancouver?

Indigenous youth are the fastest growing population in Canada. Our governments needs to listen to what we have to say and work with us. Tell us about the changes you want to see in your neighbourhood.

News & Updates

Vancouver, the so called city of “Reconciliation.”

Vancouver, the so called city of “Reconciliation.”

The City of Vancouver's Urban Indigenous peoples Advisory Committee has continued to fail their urban Indigenous population, whilst being the "pinnacle" of urban reconciliation in Canada. To read the so called progress the City of Vancouver has paved, click here to...







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