OneCard is available now!

What is the OneCard?

OneCard is a single card that will provide all Vancouverites with universal access to pools, rinks and fitness centres across the Park Board network and access to the city’s community centres. OneCard replaces the current patchwork of over 20 cards, which includes the Flexipass and the Leisure Access Card.

OneCard can be loaded with any of the Park Board’s Flexipass options and 10-visit passes, and also includes a built-in 50 percent subsidy, for those who qualify, as part of the Park Board’s Leisure Access program for those with financial barriers.

OneCard is free and available to the entire community regardless of income, where you live or which facilities you choose to visit.

Find out more about the new OneCard and the Leisure Access Program for low income residents.

OneCards are available now at all Park Board operated swimming pools, ice rinks and fitness centres, and the Britannia Community Services Centre, Strathcona Community Centre, and Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre.

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