“Our Place” place-based strategy

Members of ALIVE, friends and partners recently completed work on a 1 hour television program detailing the work of the Our Place collaborative community building strategy in Vancouver’s inner city. Our Place- Where Change Happens aired this Saturday, August 24 on Shaw Community TV, but you can watch it here. Hands up to Sid Chow Tan, Deb Angrave, Dima Alansari and the team of volunteers who made this happen.


ALIVE is proud to be a part of the “Our Place” strategy working in Vancouver to build healthy communities and ensure residents in all Vancouver neighbourhoods enjoy every opportunity for success. Our Place is a collaborative project involving residents, community-based organizations and service providers dedicated to the goals of creating healthier families and children, and supporting social and economic well-being among vulnerable populations. 

To learn more about the Our Place strategy and initiatives please visit the Our Place website.

ALIVE continues to work towards a Salish Sea Village in Vancouver

On this August 15 we are organizing an evening meeting to consult with artists, residents and others who want to assist in building the Salish Sea Village initiative. We will continue to keep all posted. We welcome all voices in this project, if you’re interested in getting involved in this or any project please contact us by email at info@alivesociety.ca.

Many thanks go to City of Vancouver, Inner City Economic Strategy, the DTES LAPP and others for their support.

read more about the Salish Sea Village initiative in the Globe and Mail.

and see previous coverage of the Village here.

Aboriginal Artists in the Atrium

Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA speaks with Scott Clark of ALIVE and Our Place as well as  West Coast First Nations Artists David Morrison and Matthew James. David and Matthew are set to attend artist workshops with Lou-Ann Neel of CACV and be a part of the upcoming Aboriginal Artists in the Atrium presented by the Vancouver Moving Theatre.


AHA media link here

Georgia Straight coverage of the project here

Our Place and ALIVE- Creating a Culture of Success for Children Living in Vancouver’s Inner City

 Our Place is a collaboration of residents, community-based organizations, and service providers committed to ensuring that  children living in Vancouver’s inner city have every opportunity for success.  ALIVE is an active partner in the Our Place initiative.

Our Place service hubs are Ray-Cam Community Centre at 920 East Hastings, the Network of Inner City Community Services Society at 877 East Hastings, and Strathcona Community Centre at 604 Keefer Street. To find out more go to http://www.aboutourplace.ca/