Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Voices of East Van, established in March 2019 began with tireless youth concerned with the growing homeless population, the gentrification of their communities and the rising number of deaths and missing Indigenous persons. In our work, Aboriginal Life In Vancouver Enhancement Society (ALIVE) is acquainting the youth with the United Nations Declaration on The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Reclaiming and Power and Place, the 231 Calls for Justice, and the vital role youth leadership maintains in our traditions and governance.

Our Place, Our Home, Our Vision: Youth Policy Conference Report

The Youth Policy Conference captured the spirit of Youth Voices of East Van, developed as part of the 12-month Our Place, Our Home, Our Vision project funded by ESDC.

The Policy Conference brought together a diverse group of Indigenous, non-Indigenous and newcomer youth from East Vancouver and a range of stakeholders to explore innovative pathways for youth participation, youth leadership and advocacy. Ultimately we developed a policy document, through the consultation of 2000 thousand youth. Highlighting nine different policy areas and recommendations that support youth to realize their needs, and aspirations at the neighbourhood level and bring their ideas into action.

Youth Implementation Committee

We have taken our policy document, youth leaders and we’re now moving into phase 2. The implementation of the “Youth Voices Of East Van Policy Document.” Negotiating the implementation through dialogue with all levels of government. Municipal, Provincial and Federal to achieve self-government creating a strong post-colonial society. For our children, families and youth. The implementation and endorsement of our work is a gate-way to pragmatic reconciliation and the recognition of youth service. Our youth are trained, educated and they’re the experts for their issues.